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Tom McArdle

Tom was introduced to junior girls’ volleyball four years ago when his youngest daughter, Laura, came home from 6th grade saying she wanted to play volleyball. It was too late for school volleyball that year and they quickly signed up for the A5 fall training program. Laura played with A5 for the 2011 club season and Tom and his wife, Francie assisted as team coordinators. Tom contributed greatly as assistant to Coach Carl with the Silver Raiders that first year and this will be the fourth year that he has coached the Silver Raiders. Last year, he and his daughter Cara coached at North Atlanta Volleyball during the club season. Tom is USA Volleyball Impact certified.

Tom has enjoyed seeing the growth and improvement of each of the players through the school season and then to see some of those players go on to play club volleyball. He believes that competitive volleyball provides a great environment for girls to grow as individuals and to develop their interpersonal skills.


He moved to Cobb County as a high school student in 1974 and should have graduated high school as part of the first Walton graduating class.....but made the mistake of staying at his original high school. To make up for that, he will ultimately have three daughters graduate from Walton.

Cara McArdle

Cara is a junior at Walton High School this year and is an assistant coach for the middle school silvers team. This is Cara's first year coaching for the Walton program. Cara has also coached for North Atlanta Volleyball.

Laura McArdle

Laura is a sophomore at Walton this year and joins the coaching staff as an assistant to the Silver team. She has been a part of the Walton volleyball program for five years now playing in both middle school and high school and now coaching.  Laura has played on a club team at North Atlanta Volleyball for the past two years.

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